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The "Pulse Ordering" Menu
Well i was thinking,

At the moment i have my what pulse set to pulse every 100,000 clicks, which is a bit different, i just wanted to have a go at pulsing with large amounts of keys.

Now this is my second round of 100,000 clicks, i wanted to stop at the last pulse with 100,000 clicks and go back onto 5000 keys per pulse, but i didn't realise and went over 5000 keys so i thought i would wait till i did another 100,000 clicks.

Now wouldn't it be easier to tell what pulse that after doing the next 100,000 clicks do pulses of 5000 keys.

So i came to the idea of the "Pulse Ordering" menu, its like a option to add pulses to a queue, hence you add a order to pulse at 100,000 clicks, then a order to pulse at 5000 keys.

Also to have a option of making a order to infinite. Hence continuously pulse every 5000 keys. And a option to set how many pulses you want to happen with a certain value, hence 10 pulses of 5000 keys.

Course this would also mean that you could set it so that after 10 pulses of 5000 keys you can have 5 pulses of 10000 clicks.

Course this is only a idea but it expands the simple menu of just setting when what
pulse should pulse.

I would really want to help but i don't know much about code, i go as far as Visual Basic.

So what do you think?

Too Complicated? Or Pure Genius? :lol:
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