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Incorrect Key Presses and Key Combinations using Dvorak Layout
WhatPulse: 3.2
MacOS: 10.15.7
Keyboard Layout: Dvorak

I am using the Dvorak Keyboard layout, set in Mac settings. I have a keyboard combination that is ctrl + option/alt + cmd + r that I use to resize windows using Divvy. I have noticed that it is being reported as `ctrl + alt + command + O`.

"o" on the Qwerty keyboard is where the "r" is on the Dvorak keyboard.

On the Keyboard Heatmap screen I noticed that when I press "r" on Dvorak it is also being counted as "o", so this isn't just a combination issue

I'm surprised that this isn't working correctly, because on the Keyboard Heatmap page you have an option for selecting the layout. Dvorak is one of the layouts that is available.

This issue makes this application useless to me.
the forums seem dead, so unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect a response. however, i’m now here — as far as i know the only layout whatpulse recognizes is QWERTY, so you‘re bond to have incorrect keys reported, unfortunately.

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