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Title: [FIXED] Merge function in profile not working
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Hi WhatPulse-forum :)

My problem is that when i go to "Computers" in my profile, and select two computers (i mistakenly made a new computer-profile for my laptop when i reinstalled my OS) and then click merge, all that happens is that a pop-up message appears, which says "Merge computers
Please select two or more computers!" and nothing else. i've tried reversing the order (selecting "merge" first), but to no avail. It's not a huge issue, just annoying to look at two computers in my profile with almost the exact same name!

(I've added a screenshot of the error message)

Attached Files
.png   Sk√¶rmbillede 2016-02-22 kl. 08.02.47.png (Size: 217.47 KB / Downloads: 418)

Thanks for the heads up; it has been fixed on the website.

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