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Title: OS X Yosemite + Dark Mode -> Menubar Icon
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so finally Yosemite is out for us Macusers with the new “Dark Mode“ on board, for all who don't know, it makes the Menubar/Dock black and that's the point:

I'm using the black menubar icon and you mustn't be good with colors to know what happens when black is on black, huh? Tongue
Sure, I just can turn off the "black menubar icon" in WP's settings, but I don't like the glossy icon (it just don't fit into the bar :/), so can you implement a white one for the Macversion for those who're using that mode on OS X 10.10? Smile
To be clear, the proper way to "implement a white one" is not to literally to create a white version of the icon. You'll want to use -[NSImage setTemplate:YES] on the image and it will automatically go between black and white as necessary for the one image.

In the Cocoa documentation

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