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Poll: What Do You Want, Computer/Whatpulse Uptime?
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Computer Usage Uptime
14 29.79%
Whatpulse Usage Uptime
12 25.53%
Either/Both Usage Uptime
11 23.40%
None, Don't Like The Idea of Uptime
7 14.89%
No Opinion, Can't Say What I Think About Uptime
3 6.38%
Total 47 vote(s) 100%
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Title: Suggestion - Computer Hours
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bobL Wrote:What does that have to do with anything in this thread? Also, that's a ridiculous idea - I can go for half an hour or more without using my mouse.

Its about counting the uptime of your computer s.t.
[Image: pic_49.gif][Image: pic_4.png]
I see what DarkMaster3960 is saying.

To really count "computer hours", or how long the person is spending on it typing / moving the mouse / whatever is to make it so the counter keeping track within whatpulse keeps ticking as long as the last keypress, mouse click, or movement was say, around a minute ago. In this way it would not be a computer uptime contest.
I've been thinking of it too earlier, and I like the idea =) Would be nice =p
I would have to say Whatpulse Usage Uptime, system uptimes aren't cool like they used to be in mIRC. Just my opinion.
I quite like the idea of recording uptime.
I'd prefer to just record the amount of time WhatPulse is open. It'd probably be simpler, and Whatpulse launches with my desktop environment anyway. WhatPulse only records my keystrokes and mouse movement while the program is running; why should uptime be any different? In addition, it may be more complex programming-wise to pick system uptime -- You would have to look for an OS restart before checking uptime (for example, a user exits WhatPulse and then restarts it, WhatPulse shouldn't pulse the entire system uptime again).

I'm interested in the stats, not who has the biggest e-peen based on how many computers they have and how much they type, so if you do not want to factor in uptime into placing you in the community, I wouldn't care.

My final note, I'm interested in uptime, not activity time. Not only am I more interested in that stat, it would not give much possibility to cheat WhatPulse for uptime/activity count (taping a key down, full-screening a movie, etc).

Although I suppose activity time would be interesting as well, I feel it would be inaccurate to measure due to the fact WhatPulse cannot determine if you are there or not. Many-a-time I leave a TV show paused in full screen and come back to it later. Also, my screensaver does not respect YouTube videos, which can last way past 5 minutes at times.

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