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System Tray Stats
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One of the things that I love about whatpulse is the geek window. The issue sometimes is that the geek window is in the way when I am doing my programming under eclipse and I have to repeatedly move the geek window around when I need to access that specific area. One of the things that I would love to see is my current key count, click count, or download count be able to be shown in the status bar like how I can see my battery percentage. I love being able to see this information without opening the application, and just think that seeing it in the status bar would be a great improvement!
If you're talking about OS X, wouldn't that take too much space of your menu bar?
I want this.
I actually just drag the geek window over my taskbar and make sure I have the setting on that keeps it always on top. This way it never gets in the way (unless I have autohide enabled on my taskbar, which I do for some of my systems), but for the most part it is not an issue and allows me to track and view my stats as I go directly from the taskbar.

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