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Title: I'd like to join a team
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I just joined here and am interested in joining a team. I just got a job where I am on the computer all day, so I click and type a lot.


Well you could join my team, there is just me and my freind and we are looking for freindly people, me and my freind have only been a member a week so i you have nothing big to compete with.

Send me a message and i'll send you the password.

The teams is Called The "Universal Clickers" (no the)
You could join my team (Pulsation Nation)
It is a friendly atmosphere.
Pm me to join Smile
[Image: Yugi_rule0.png]
You cannot simply drive into Mordor!
i asked to join you old team "Runescape Masters" and i never got a response so i created my own.
You can join mine here: http://whatpulse.org/stats/teams/21634/
We are called the United Cyborg Cats! and we all have Skype, not all of us are very active but all of us are a little active, but me and Supersonicxx9 are especially active.
Come join us!
Soon to be active if you can join. ^^

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