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Hello Dudes Smile,

im looking 4 a new Team, because my own Team failed .. all Members where not that active and the Site where they all come from not longer exists.

So im a very Active typer and my Stats aren´t that bad. The Signature will prove it Smile

So im looking 4 a Team that loves Animes... to watch them, eventually to make them ( Subbing, typesetting etc.) etc.

I hope this Thread will not get old or nobody is Posting in it..

see ya
(\ /)

copy the bunny to your siggy to help him achieve world domination

[Image: Kagebunshin.png]
Hello, would you like to join my team?
Pulsation Nation.
[Image: Yugi_rule0.png]
You cannot simply drive into Mordor!
You join mine "Universal Clickers" i tried to join yours qw... but i got no response. If you can't get a team together you can always join mine.
thanks 4 answering Smile

i need some informations about ur Team Smile
How many Peoples are there and what languageSmile they Speak
(\ /)

copy the bunny to your siggy to help him achieve world domination

[Image: Kagebunshin.png]
You can join mine here:
We are called the United Cyborg Cats! and we all have Skype, not all of us are very active but all of us are a little active, but me and Supersonicxx9 are especially active.
Come join us!

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