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Title: I think I already suggested this, but can't remember.
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There will be plenty of new features in version 2 to keep you all satisfied, don't worry. Wink
O really sounds good Smile
Join My Team The Universal Union, No password and were Universally Pulsing to the end
I don't think it would be too complicated for mouses with a lot of buttons. You could just have left click, right click and other. The other would account for scrolling the mouse wheel, clicking the mouse wheel, and clicking any of those other buttons commonly found on gaming mouses.

EDIT: Actually I think it's best not to count the scrolling of the mouse wheel at all, but I still think the rest of what I posted could be useful.
Actually, WhatPulse for Linux 0.95 counts all your mouse buttons as well as mouse wheel events separately for the local statistics, just like the key frequencies. Only the total counts are pulsed to the server, though.

Needed a reason to give Linux a try? There you go ;-)

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