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Auto pulse every hour?
I liked the auto pulse every hour, but I'm not sure where this is in the new 2.0 client. The closest thing appears to be "Auto pulse on __ hours uptime".

Is this the same thing?
Yep, it's the same thing!
Thanks. Consider rewording it to say:

"Auto pulse every __ hours."
Every __ hours would include when the computer is turned off, e.g. if you shut it down for 10 minutes. Every __ hours uptime means that the computer has to be on for a whole hour in total including breaks.
The current wording -- particularly since computer uptime is a tracked metric -- leads the user to believe that the pulse will occur once their computer has been booted up for __ hours. There's no indication that it will occur every __ hours.

My computer's current uptime is about 8 hours. The wording right now seems to indicate that it will have pulsed at Hour 1, but not necessarily at Hour 2, Hour 3, ..., Hour n

Quote:Every __ hours would include when the computer is turned off, e.g. if you shut it down for 10 minutes.

I don't think even my dad would expect the computer to do something when it's switched off. Wink

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