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Title: WhatPulse Client API
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Marius Wrote:I was basically hoping to be able to utilize WP for another project which involves keeping track of keyboard activity/typing, by using the web API you are limited to when the uses last pulsed etc, instead of being able to pull it in real time

I'm curious as to what you could mean using this data for. If you don't want it in public, feel free to private message it to me.

I agree that such an API would be a good idea (although, in my case, this would be for Linux, but the proposal is for all three). That way, I could turn off WhatPulse's Geek Window, and instead write and use a few simple programs (GetStats, Pulse, NewToken) to interact with WhatPulse. It'd be one program less on the screen.
Need/want it!

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