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Title: Clicks per second is to high!
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So I made a macro that types a command for me into console for cs go `alias +atkxh "+attack;cl_crosshaircolor 5"; alias -atkxh "-attack;cl_crosshaircolor 1"; bind mouse1 +atkxh < That's the one if you were curious. Now whenever I pulse it gives me this error message http://puu.sh/dPkx9/f17ccab559.jpg . I will stop using the macro because I figured out I don't need to use it for cs go, now how do I pulse.. Or do I have to reset all my stats? rip
It appears that there's a problem with the website that causes local statistics not to be reset clientside (I opened a thread about it). As a result, the client thinks that you'd been pulsing with too high of a KPS rate. See the attached screenshot below.

I'm not 100% sure if this will work, but you could try deleting the second and third pulse in the list, then resetting your token (go to the Account tab and click "reset token") to clear your unpulsed stats.

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