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Beta versions tags - smitmartijn - 03-13-2015 08:36 AM

Beta versions above 2.7.2b1 have the actual version displayed in the window title. The internal version is still formed as the ones below, but you won't see it.

Please note that we're using a somewhat unique system for identifying beta versions. This makes it possible for you to upgrade from a stable version to a beta version to a stable version, etc.

Here's a list of which identified version is which actual version:

2.7.2b1 = 2.7.1-1417 (beta)

2.7b2 = 2.6.3-1316 (beta)
2.7b1 = 2.6.3-1277 (beta)

2.6b5 = 2.5-1201 (beta)
2.6b4 = 2.5-1186 (beta)
2.6b3 = 2.5-1172 (beta)
2.6b2 = 2.5-1157 (beta)
2.6b1 = 2.5-1147 (beta)