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November 2009

WhatPulse for Linux 0.95

We have a new Linux developer in town; jrmk. He has been working to get the early bugs out of the 0.9 client, which worked itself out into the 0.95 version.

The entire client was redesigned for the most part, which eliminates the bugs and some feature requests we had in 0.9. Here's a very small overview of major changes:

- Memory leak 0.9 gone.
- WhatPulse gets it input from the kernel.
- 32bit and 64bit release.
- We won't interrupt your shutdown process anymore.

0.95 has been added to the download page and setup instructions can be found on: http://jmrk.whatpulse.org/ (you need to do something besides just download the client and run it, it will not work if you don't follow the instructions!)

If you find any bugs or have any feature requests for the Linux client, please visit http://redmine.whatpulse.org/projects/show/linux