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August 2005

New server!

WhatPulse is growing at a rapid rate.

After a few months being hosted with the generous people of BigBlueNetwork,
it's time to prepare for the future and possible expansions.

Because of these preparations, unfortunatly we had to say goodbye to our sponsor, BigBlueNetwork. We part ways with you with alot of gratitude, thanks for the last few months!

WhatPulse is now hosted within the network of ProServe which gives us the possibilities we need to prepare any future expansions.

This server move shouldn't affect the website much, the site is going from a P4 2.8GHz to a P4 3.0GHz and a network in the Netherlands. You probaly won't notice it moving. :-)

What you will notice however is that the client saves a snapshot of the DNS when you start it. So even if the DNS for de site changes, the client still goes to the old server.

All you need to do is restart your client, and your pulses will go to the new server aswell, that's it. ;-)

Till next time!